Buying the Best Flooring

Flooring is an investment, whether for your home or business. Knowing how to select the best flooring products for your specific needs is critical. With so many available options, it’s important to have the support of an expert. At Great American Flooring we pride ourselves on personalized solutions, knowledgeable staff and experience to help you through the process. To get you started in the right direction, we’ve outlined several common questions associated with shopping for new flooring. Once you are ready, or if these do not answer your specific question, please call or visit our showroom so we can assist you with your research and buying process. We want your experience to be the best and are here to answer any questions when you are ready to talk. Choosing the Best Flooring is easy when you have someone like Great American Flooring to help.

At what point in decorating should I consider new floors?

You should include the flooring from the very beginning. Your flooring type is one of the most important decisions you will need to make in order for your entire decorating scheme to work.

How important is the right floor to successful decorating?

The wood species, width of the product, and color of the flooring will have an effect on your trim choices as well as your wall covering and cabinetry choices.

What’s important to look for in a wood floor and how do I choose a species and color that’s right for my home?

You should look for a wood species that will coordinate with your over all decorating scheme. The species and width of the wood will depend largely on the size and style of your room. Durability is another factor you should consider when choosing a species. Some species are naturally stronger.

Should I choose a neutral color so it will stay in style for many years to come?

Most wood species are neutral in color but a natural finish on any species is the most common and will stay in style longest. Avoid white washing your wood floor… this is a very dated look. Consult an interior decorator or your local wood flooring supplies for your options and more specific information about each species.

What about prefinished versus unfinished?

Prefinished products, whether engineered or solid, are a good choice for an existing home, for someone who has problems with dust, or for a small area. If you can live with the dust during the sanding process, site finished flooring is always your best choice.

What is the difference between vinyl, laminate, and solid wood floors?

When deciding between vinyl, laminate, and solid wood floors, whether finished or unfinished you first need to consider where you will be installing your floor. Each have pro’s and con’s. Is it new construction or an existing home? Is it over a slab foundation or a standard subfloor? Will it be in a room where there may be a possibility of moisture or water damage? All these must be taken into account before you can make your final decision. Laminates like “Formica” are a good choice for a kitchen, laundry, or bath. For more information about specific products consult your local flooring supplier.

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