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Gymnasium & Sports Flooring

We can provide wood or synthetic sports floors from Action Floor Systems, LLC., one of the largest Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association members worldwide. Great American Flooring has achieved ‘Top Ten’ status with Action Floors every year since 2007. This means Great American Flooring has been in the top 10 dealers in volume worldwide!

We know that minimum downtime is critical when it comes to your floor work and our customers will testify that we treat a deadline as a serious commitment – not a suggestion.

If you are a general contractor, notify us of the projects you are bidding on. We’ll be glad to prepare a competitive quote based off of the specifications required.

If you have an existing gym floor that needs replaced, repaired, refinished or re-coated, we’ll inspect your floor and come up with the best and most cost effective solution.

Tremendous job!

Adam A Elliott
Vice President of Properties, GREATER WICHITA YMCA

Great American Flooring in Wichita Kansas provides commercial customers:

  • Nothing makes a showroom shine like a beautiful hardwood floor. Hardwood gives customers a feeling of security and makes a retail business or restaurant seem solid and well-grounded.

  • Great American Flooring has created gorgeous floors in fine restaurants and exclusive retail spaces from Kansas to Florida. Easily recognizable names and new ventures alike have benefited from our hardwood floor expertise.

  • Different types of hardwoods or stains can be used to create unique spaces within a retail outlet or restaurant—separate the bar from the dining area or the shoes from the suits. Make every space different from the others and make different products or services pop for your customers.

  • If you can dream it, we can make it real.

Some of our satisfied commercial customers include:

  • Ted’s Montana Grill    1,215 sq feet    Decater, GA
  • Elephant Bar    800 sq feet    Albuquerque, NM
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy    8,547 sq feet    Orlando, FL
  • University of Kansas    5,064 sq feet    Lawrence, KS
  • Aerie by American Eagle    3,100 sq feet    Wichita, KS
  • Airbus North America    80,000 sq feet    Wichita, KS
  • Grant Telegraph Building    5,626 sq feet    Wichita, KS
  • Deegie’s Karma 12,900 sq feet Kansas City, KS
  • Gap Store 10,000 sq feet Wichita, KS
  • Chop House 4,000 sq feet Kansas City, KS
  • Soho 5,000 sq feet Kansas City, KS


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