Dogs, cats, and other pets are important parts of our lives, but let’s face it: they can be rough on floors. Scratching can cause lasting damage. Accidents can result in stains and persistent odors. Pets shed, and keep in mind the darker the floor, the harder it is to keep clean.  

So when you’re getting new flooring and you have a pet, it’s important to know which floors are better for pets than others. Carpet, for example, maybe the worst, especially if you have a puppy not house trained yet or an older pet prone to accidents, or if activity might cause spills. Plus, cats love to scratch on carpets. 

 So what are the best flooring options for pet owners, then? 

 Things To Consider 

 When choosing flooring and you have pets, there are some things aside from the cost to factor into your decision: 

 Scratch resistance. Dogs and cats have claws, and those claws can cause a lot of damage through scratches. Although many cats will try to scratch floors and objects in a house, it’s not just a matter of training or providing scratching posts or other things that are okay to scratch. Some scratches occur accidentally. 

  • Resistance to water and stains. Will accidents cause stains or odors that sink in? What about water and other liquids that inevitably will be spilled on the floor? Not only do you want stain-resistant surfaces, but you also want a surface that’s easy to clean up when messes do occur. 
  • Ease of maintenance. If a floor is going to require a lot of upkeep for it to stay looking good, it may not be worth the cost to you. 
  • Comfort. Pets spend most or all of their time on floors. Is the surface you’re considering going to be comfortable? Is it possible to add rugs that are easy to clean and won’t detract from the appearance of the floor? 
  • Safety. Does the flooring provide good traction for your dog or cat? If it doesn’t, your pet may slide around a lot and will be more at risk of becoming injured. 

 7 Great Flooring Options for Pets 

 Now let’s look at some specific flooring options and why they make great choices for cats and dogs. 

 Engineered hardwood. This is a great hardwood option if you have pets. It has all the great looks of solid hardwood while being less susceptible to issues like warping because it’s less susceptible.  

  • Prefinished Textured Solid Hardwood. Phenomenal in a wire brushed or hand-scraped option. The texture assists in hiding any marring that can occur from nails. A disadvantage is that pet urine has ammonia in it and can cause discoloration if not properly cleaned in a timely manner.  
  • Luxury vinyl. This option can mimic the look of natural wood and stone. It’s more affordable than other pet-friendly flooring options, and it holds up well in high-traffic areas. In addition to being resistant to scratches and stains, it has a soft feel and is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Stone. The stone flooring looks great. It’s also easy to clean and highly resistant to scratches and stains, and it’s waterproof. On the downside, it can be cold and hard. 
  • Tile. Tile flooring has the same pros and cons that stone flooring does, though it can be less expensive. 
  • Waterproof laminate. For a hardwood look without the hardwood prices, you can’t beat laminate. “Regular” laminate is not a good choice for pets because it can warp. But waterproof laminate is. It’s highly durable.  

 Great American Flooring 

 Since 1985, Great American Flooring has been helping homeowners in Wichita, KS install and maintain beautiful, durable floors. Our family-owned business has a wide range of experience in both commercial and residential settings, and it, plus our reputation for reliability, quality, and accountability has made us the region’s leading and most-trusted flooring company. 

If you’re not sure which exact flooring option is best for you, we can help you go over them and understand the pros and cons so that you can make the decision that’s best for you. 

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