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Concrete Floor Polishing Services

In the past, the primary flooring choices for basements were the drab gray slab the contractor poured, vinyl, ceramic tile or carpeting. The slab was for places like the laundry room, and the carpet was for the family or rec room.

Now, concrete polishing technology has changed all that.

Polished concrete by Great American Flooring can take that dull slab in your basement or garage and turn it into a beautiful, low-maintenance floor that reflects your personality. Let Great American Flooring polish, stain or maintain your concrete floor.xxxPolished concrete floors offer these unique advantages to the owners of new and lived-in homes:

  • Concrete floor polishing in a wide variety of colors
  • Concrete floor staining for any interior space
  • Slab homes and basement concrete floor options:
    • polished
    • dyed
    • stained
    • sealed
  • Custom and graphic designs
  • Garage concrete floor polishing, staining and epoxy coatings
  • Grind and patch concrete slabs to meet tolerances for any floor covering
  • Remove paint and adhesives from concrete slabs
  • Floor covering removal and surface preparation.
  • Epoxy coatings for commercial, industrial and residential customers
  • Maintenance for existing polished or sealed floors
  • Consultation for project planning
  • Lasts a lifetime unlike carpet, tile or linoleum for the same price
  • Easy to maintain with damp mopping
  • Wide variety of sheens
  • Decorative staining patterns
  • Reflects your personal style
  • Resistant to water damage by flooding
  • Repair and resealing

Give us a call today for more information, or a free estimate. We’ll get to work creating a polished concrete floor for you. A floor that looks as decorative as tile, as intricate as natural stone, and as creative as you can imagine.

Who Knew Concrete Flooring Could Look Like This?

What’s the most walked upon surface in world? Grass? Wood? Carpet? Guess again. It’s concrete. We walk on it every day on sidewalks and streets, on driveways and in basements, in warehouses and retail spaces everywhere. And we rarely give it a second thought. But now, concrete has escaped its drab past and thrust into a colorful future full of unexpected style and a surprisingly warm look. Basements have classically been nothing but trouble for many floor coverings. Damp, hard-to- ventilate basements are detrimental on hardwoods, laminate and particularly carpet.

Not many things short of a natural disaster will harm a polished concrete floor. Polishing a drab slab of concrete is the first step. And it will look incredible if that’s the only improvement you make. But, there is so much more you can do. With decorative dyeing, concrete can be made to look like tile, natural stone, or any number of conventional surfaces. But, that’s only the beginning.


Polished concrete is also the ideal palette for custom graphics in any color you can imagine. Add geometric designs or patterns, and you’ve got a unique floor. If you want to make your Man Cave cooler than your buddies’ put your favorite team’s logo right on the floor in front of the big screen. With polished concrete, it’s easy to mimic the look of granite or marble at a much lower cost than that of real stone. And, polished concrete, which doesn’t require expensive maintenance, is a real budget saver.

If you are hopping for a floor covering with great looks, inexpensive installation and care-free maintenance, look a little further into polished concrete. It’s a solid choice. For information or to schedule an estimate, call Great American Concrete Polishing, 316.264.3660.


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